Tokyo Trivia

Tokyo Skytree and skyline, seen from I-Link Town, Ichikawa, Japan.

Greater Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan region on planet earth. Eye-catching spots such as Shibuya Crossing, the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing, served as movie sets and made their appearance in video games.

Still, the Japanese capital is an easy travel destination, part of which is due to its unique public transport system. It has a reputation for offering one of the best services anywhere, particularly when it comes to cleanliness, and reliability, punctuality. To get an idea of its magnitude, you just need to check out the world’s busiest rail station, Shinjuku Station, during rush hour.

My favorite fun fact, however, is the number of lines connecting some of the stations. Between Ueno and Nippori Station, no less than eight tracks are running in parallel, all used by nothing else than local rail services.

Tokyo Vending Machines

Then there is the city’s unmatched density of vending machines. A soft drink for your refreshment is rarely more than a hundred meters away, regardless of where you are. There is actually one vending machine for every 50 Tokyoites. Unsurprisingly, hot and cold beverages are by far the most common items. You can get, however, almost everything out of these machines. The selection ranges from manga merchandise to cut fresh fruit.

If getting food from vending machines is not your thing, Tokyo will have you covered as well. No other place has more restaurants awarded a star by the French Michelin Guide. With over 200 such venues, it has nearly twice as much as the French capital, Paris.

Chuo and Minato seen from Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Tokyo, Japan