Tokyo Trivia

There are megacities. And there is Tokyo. The Japanese capital is not only the world’s most populous metropolitan region, but also the safest large city anywhere. It has the busiest pedestrian crossing, Shibuya, as well as the most traveled railway station, Shinjuku.

Here are some fun facts with a slightly quirky edge:

  • No other place has a higher rate of vending machines per capita. On average, one machine serves less than 50 people in Tokyo. While hot and cold beverages are the most common items, vending machines offer almost everything from face protection masks to cut fresh fruit as well as anime and manga merchandise.
  • Tokyo is home of the railway stretch with the world’s largest number of parallel tracks. Between Ueno and Nippori Station, no less than ten tracks of the local rail services run in parallel (two separate tracks of the Shinkansen super express train not counting).
  • Far more restaurants in Tokyo were awarded a star by the French Michelin Guide than anywhere else. The city has over 200 star restaurants, almost twice as much as the second-ranking French capital, Paris.

Tokyo scores less high in many other categories, of course. On the list of places that got most often destroyed in the movies for example, it only ranks third. The Japanese megacity is still in the lead, though, when it comes to getting attacked by a fire-breathing, radioactive dinosaur…