Mountain Huts

Rotwandhaus Mountain Hut, Lake Spitzingsee, Germany.

Its expansive network of marked trails, cable cars, and mountain huts make the Alps one of the most accessible mountain regions anywhere.

During summer, when the cattle populate the surrounding pastures, local farmers open up their huts to accommodate mountaineers. Some other places, most of them run by the Deutscher Alpenverein, are more like regular guesthouses, open nearly all year round.

Having a break at a serviced hut is a great way to recharge your batteries on a day out. With traditional, handmade food and their own, rustic way of doing things, these places have attracted generations of alpinists. 

Trail in Mühlbach, Lenggries, Germany.

Bodenschneidhütte Mountain Hut, Lake Schliersee, Germany.