Mollie Here!

Mollie, Mouser-in-Residence at Nipponcycles, Andalucia, Spain.

Meooow…! By the time my new masters arrived, I had been here a long time. I have to say, the new guys seem to be doing a great job. Their supply of milk and my favorite cat food deserves top marks!

Adventures Ahead

I just love this place! There is always an adventure waiting for me in the garden, like chasing some critters. The best part are the olive trees, my favorite place to climb and stretch my legs!

The house is not too shabby either. Looks like some super comfy sofas arrived the other day (note to self: explore their napping potential ASAP)! I just hope my bosses don’t get mad when I get my paws on the upholstery. I’ll be super careful…I promise…!