Centurion Explorer

Centurion made the breakthrough in the MTB arena with a bike that was tried and tested in the unforgiving conditions of the Himalaya.

In 1987, Wolfgang Renner, CEO and founder of Centurion, traveled to Tibet together with a group of fifteen fellow bikers. They set out from Lhasa to Kathmandu by bike, a 700-miles distance across the Himalayan mountain range. After eleven days of pedaling across all sorts of dirt roads, including 16,000-feet-high mountain passes, the group reached the capital of Nepal.

MTB Production Kick-off

Soon afterwards, the model used on the expedition went into regular production. Dubbed Centurion Explorer Lhasa Kathmandu, it paved the way for the manufacturer to become a significant player on the MTB market.

This 1988 model’s most unusual detail is its rear brake, a chainstay-mounted SunTour XCD 6000 roller-cam. Otherwise it is a rather ordinary 26-inch-wheel expedition bike, tipping the scales at about 14kg.