Kyoto Autumn Walk

Kyoto in the fall is not exactly an everyday sight. In fact, if you live in Europe like I am, you will never get to see such leaves on your home soil. In Europe, breeds of the maple species that come close to the colorful Japanese variant went extinct during the ice ages.

Intensity and progress of the colors obviously varies from year to year. Well, if you go in the second half of November, you should see some brilliant colors for sure. One of my favorite resources for planning an itinerary are the autumn color reports from

Kyoto is well known for its hundreds of temples and shrines that permeate the city and its forested, mountainous outskirts. Many of these places have gardens that are carefully maintained (see my favs on Google Maps). Until the Imperial Court moved to Tokyo in 1868, Kyoto has been the capital of Japan for more than thousand years. It is still considered the nation’s cultural center until today.