Hans-Jörg Ehren.

Hi, I’m Hans, a German expat fooling away his days under the sun of Southern Andalucía. I have a soft spot for vintage bikes. I love the looks of their slim steel frames and silvery components. Riding them feels like traveling back in time. It reminds me of my early days when cycling was an everyday routine to get around.

Why Nipponcycles?

The Japanese bike industry is accountable for a couple of innovations that have changed the bike world forever. In 1964, Suntour developed the slant parallelogram rear derailleur. It allowed the jockey pulley to position the chain close to the sprocket cluster, regardless of which gear is selected. As a result, shifting action became a lot smoother, a prerequisite for Shimano’s development of indexed shifting 20 years later. Over time, all manufacturers of bicycle derailleur gear have picked up on these innovations.