Centurion Explorer

This bike’s most notable feature is probably the story behind its launch: In 1987, Wolfgang Renner, CEO and founder of Centurion, traveled to Tibet together with a group of fifteen fellow bikers. They set out from Lhasa to Kathmandu by bike, a mere 700-miles distance across the Himalayan mountain range.

After eleven days of pedaling across all sorts of dirt roads, including 16,000-feet-high mountain passes, the group reached the capital of Nepal. Soon afterwards, the model used on the expedition went into regular production. Labeled Centurion Explorer Lhasa Kathmandu, it paved the way for the manufacturer to become a significant player on the MTB market.

This 1988 model’s most unusual detail is its rear brake, a chainstay-mounted SunTour XCD 6000 roller-cam. Otherwise it is a rather ordinary 26-inch-wheel expedition bike, tipping the scales at a hefty 14kg. Well, this is what steel bikes were like back in the day!